ERPS Group (formally ERPS, Inc.) is a licensed full-service accounting firm based in NYC. Our mission is to help individuals, professionals, and businesses maintain financial stability as they grow their assets and plan for the future.

At ERPS, we provide individual and freelance accounting services, so as to meet all of your current and future financial needs. Among these, we also help individuals with estate outlining, retirement and trust planning, as well as wealth management and money-saving tax strategies. For small to big enterprises we offer tax, payroll, HR, insurance and benefit services, ensuring that you and your employees are prepared for any financial climate. Whether you’re launching a new business or planning a merger, ERPS has you covered.

Our team supplies clients with necessary information that is relevant and timely, coving everything they need to know from screening protocol for new hires to creating short and long-term business plans. Regardless of how complex your business inquiries are, our informed and customer-friendly experts will work tirelessly to provide you with the information you require to move forward. Possessing a proficient understanding of QuickBooks, Bookkeeping, Payroll Processing and Sales Tax Filing, we will make sure you and your company comply with all of the new and existing laws.

Our professional consistency and reliability has established ERPS as a leading full-service accounting firm. We routinely deliver high caliber work while maintaining our client’s confidence and respect. We strive to combine outstanding professionalism with a personal touch, which is why we have one of the highest client retention rates in our industry. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.



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Ella Rivkin is the founder and CEO of ERPS Group, Inc., a business that reflects her heart and determination. In addition, ERPS is also a wonderful companion to her additional work as a life, business, health, and fitness coach, where she has the honor of offering her 20+ years of business expertise coupled with her strategic advisory background to clients. This makes her a unique asset to a number of businesses in a variety of niches and industries. Through her coaching, she offers her proven expertise to entrepreneurs and individuals, helping them to make their dreams come true through consultations and personal aid to assist in business start-up. In addition to this high level coaching, she assists with the intricate details involved in business planning, insurance and payroll services, tax preparation, and daily business operations.

Ella’s life experiences have provided her with some of the greatest inspiration, motivation, and education one could have in their life. Born in Moscow, Russia, Ella was raised by someone she says is “one of the strongest and most determined women on earth”—her mother. In 1989, when the Soviet Union was going through vast political reforms, Ella’s mother emigrated with her two small children to the US in search of a better future. Although small, Ella was inspired by her mother’s determination, especially since she only had $300.00 to her name. But she was committed, a quality that Ella greatly admires to this day. All these experiences inspire her work, relationships with others, and her desire to help people recognize opportunity and achieve success.

Through the ERPS Group Foundation established by Ella, she has created a way to give back to the community; especially elderly people and children in need. The focal point of this organization is to help teenagers and adults find purpose in their life, attain financial freedom, and overall happiness and comfort in life. This inspires Ella to continuously seek out new and efficient ways to share her knowledge with others. This is busy work…and rewarding work. Now, she’s also excited to be a co-author with renowned author Brian Tracy in the book Cracking the Code for Success; something she has certainly done!

Today, Ella never forgets her blessings in both her personal triumphs and professional pursuits. In addition, she is thankful for her opportunity to be here in America, a country that has offered her so much. Through helping others find their happiness and purpose, she is constantly reminded of what a great gift those two things are. In her free time, Ella cherishes spending time with her two daughters, teaching them about the spirit of service to others, and also enjoys reading anything that promotes personal development. She loves being creative in the kitchen and always delights in sporting activities such as biking, swimming, and running.

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